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Demelza House

Demelza House in Kent is a residential hospice for children that offers short break (respite) care for children, young people and their families.

Demelza House provides a team of specialist children’s nurses for over 150 children in East Sussex, South West Kent and South London with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses. The specialist nurses to go into the family home to care for the child and give Mum and Dad a much-needed break.

As a child, Raquel attended a special equip school as it was thought that she would not cope in a mainstream school because of her mobility, even though her family knew she had very strong academic ability. Raquel says, “I started to focus on what I could do that could be worthwhile to others in  school. As a result, I spent most of my  schooling life helping care for some of the severely disabled children.

“Truly inspirational children who, despite their complex illnesses, always had smiles on their faces. One of these was a gorgeous little girl called Teri-Ann who sadly died aged just 14 years old.” Raquel adds, “This is why Demelza House touches my heart.”

Demelza House currently receives no funding from Health Authorities or Local Government so your money really does help. As little as £1 could pay for a child’s oxygen mask; more than £5 could pay for a 10 minute telephone conversation at 3am with a parent who just wants to talk.


The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund

Eilidh Brown was a remarkably brave young girl who sadly died after a long battle with cancer. The cancer was discovered after she collapsed on a school trip in February 2009.

Tests revealed she had a melon-sized, malignant tumour on her left ovary. Both tumours on her left ovary were removed with surgery.

Eilidh also had a chromosomal disorder that occurs in 1 out of 2000 girls, which is a form of Turner Syndrome.

Eilidh underwent several surgeries to remove various tumours in her right ovary, in her womb and part of her bowel. She sadly lost her battle with cancer on 25th March 2010, just 9 days before her 16th birthday.

“After hearing Eilidh’s story, I was so deeply touched by her bravery and continue to think of new ways to fundraise for the charity,” says Raquel.  

To read more of Eilidh’s story and donate go to The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund

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