About Raquel

image1Raquel appeared in her first local production at the age of 5 and has continued acting ever since.

Appearing in productions in-and-out of school, Raquel has worked in theatre productions where she has choreographed, written, and performed her own material in music, dance and drama.                            

Upon leaving school, Raquel furthered her education at college where she  continued acting and gained more experience through attending local drama groups. See Raquel’s performance CV 

In 2003, Raquel landed her first role, appearing in BBC comedy, “All About Me”, which reinforced how much she wanted to continue acting despite her physical disability. “If anything, it’s made me more determined to succeed,” says Raquel. 

 Raquel then auditioned for a place on a BTEC 1120_54206055210_5295_nNational course in acting, which she completed in July 2005. “Acting is something I love and have a passion for. It’s an uncertain profession but  I can’t image doing anything else!” Raquel is a member of Equity and Spotlight.

Acting   “I remember being asked what I wanted to do when I was older, and I said I’ll be on stage!” She adds, “The mark of a good actor is to confidently and competently portray a story to your audience.”

Writing   Raquel is currently working with David Wyllie on 3-part mainstream disability-related TV drama.

Sport   I love abseiling! I get such a buzz! I think as long as everyone’s realistic about their capabilities then there’s no reason not to aim high.” Raquel’s Sporting Achievements

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